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Infant Program - The Buttercups


The Montessori Island School Infant Program nurtures children between the ages of 12 weeks and 24 months.  Our Infant Program building is comfortable for children in various stages of development: there is a space for children in the pre-crawling stage, and a separate area for crawling and more mobile children, as well as a peaceful napping place designated for each child.


Our Infant Program features three distinct but interrelated educational/developmental areas:

Sensorial materials and activities designed to develop movement, body awareness, and sensorial coordination.  We utilize a variety of interesting objects to inspire freedom of movement, crawling, walking, climbing, and jumping.


Language materials and activities designed to encourage oral language development and an understanding of vocabulary.  We use books, nomenclature cards, miniature objects, art, and music to foster the development of language and oral communication skills.


Practical life activities designed to teach basic tasks, create cognitive order, and inspire grace, courtesy, self-care, organization, and care of the environment.  Practical life activities include setting and clearing the table, caring for plants, and washing hands.

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