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Lower Elementary (ages 6-9)

Upper Elementary (ages 9-12)

Our Elementary Program provides high quality education from ages 6-12. With the Montessori philosophy as our guiding principle, students enrich and explore their interests in academics, the arts, as well as their social development. The teachers have set up a beautiful environment to help guide the students in their learning. The program is geared to continuing on the foundation set within the primary classrooms by offering an expansion of elementary level lessons with opportunities to work individually and collaboratively. All lessons are aligned to the Montana Core Standards. Focusing on the child and their needs allows the guides to follow the child’s development and their interests, and cater an individualized style of education that best suits the student. Areas of study include: math, geometry, language arts, earth and life sciences, history, geography, music and physical education. Extensive educational field trips are taken throughout the year offering opportunities for further studies into interests developed by the children. 

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