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The Montessori Island School Preschool Program serves children from 3 to 6 years old.  Our preschool teachers tailor traditional Montessori lessons to suit each child’s unique needs and level of development. This program nourishes children’s innate curiosity and encourages exploration and discovery as teachers guide students on a progressively challenging journey through a broad spectrum of subjects, including:


• Language Development
• Practical Life Skills
• Music
• Art
• Reading
• Math
• Science
• History
• Geography
• Spanish


Our preschool classrooms are vibrant, stimulating and safe environments abundant in all-natural Montessori learning materials, sunlight, and comfortable spaces for learning, resting and eating.  This comprehensive program not only engages and enriches students while they are in it, but prepares them to thrive in an elementary school setting and throughout a lifetime of learning.


A minimum of 3 half days is required in the preschool environment, as well as the child to be fully independent on the toilet. Before-school and after-school care is a available on a limited basis and at an additional cost. 

Preschool Program - The Morning Glories, The Water Lilies

Water Lily Classroom

Morning Glory Classroom

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