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infant room- Ms Colleen
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infant room
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When Dr. Maria Montessori discovered a new approach to education in the early 1900s, she emphasized the importance of a suitable setting – one in which children are able to independently select and work with specially designed educational materials as part of their daily routine.


In keeping with Maria Montessori’s vision, Montessori Island School is home to several carefully prepared indoor and outdoor environments.  Our teachers work hard to create and maintain multifaceted and stimulating classrooms where students have access to an abundance of Montessori learning materials.  These materials are used to explore various aspects of our curriculum, including practical life activities, language, math, music, art, physical education, and exercises of grace and courtesy.


A safe outdoor environment further helps to support the development of the whole child.  Our large, open play yard allows students to exercise and play, develop their motor skills, interact with and help care for animals, and tend to their own organic garden.  We strive to keep our campus a clean, safe and peaceful place where students feel at home.





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